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Automax Tools is exhibiting at AAPEX/SEMA LAS VEGAS, Booth No. 7243
AMT exhibited at AUTO EXPO 2015 & 2016 AUTOMECHANIKA INDIA
AMT exhibited at the AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI 2013 -2017.
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Heating Diesel
outer diameter(mm) 7000×5550×3300( L*W*H)
Inner diameter(mm) 6900*4000*2650( L*W*H)
voltage 380V50HZ total power:14KW
Cabinet position At right
Main door(mm) 3000×2600(W*H)3pcs Metal sheet door。5 mm tempered glass window, 50mm EPS
Service door 800*2000mm Special 2 mm thick aluminium alloy edge
Wall materials 50mmEPS   steel thickness of 0.426 mm
Roof With 0.8mm zinc plated steel sheet, single layer
Floor The metal basement is made of galvanized stainless steel beams, with three rows of girds and two rows of embossed steel plates,height:270mm,the floor filter is fiberglass filter
Slope With 3 pieces of little ramps each2000*270*900(L*H*W)mm
LED Light Philips LED lighting: the top light group 8 * 4, side light 8 groups * 2
Inlet fan The Siemens technology YWD centrifugal fan *2PCS,power 4.0KW,low noise,air volume:12000m3/h, total air volume 24000m3/h;
Exhaust fan The Siemens technology YWD centrifugal fan *1PC,power 5.5KW,air volume:15000m3/h   The air outlet pipe is made of galvanized steel panel with special flang
Heating system Riello G20,SUS304 stainless steel heat exchanger,10N Swithzerland Belimo brand electrical auto damper; Fuel tank is 30L
Electric control system Using intelligent control system, the overall work can be completely setted in one time, the main circuit with multiple protection and automatic display for all work process and fault condition. – Spraying & baking switch, light switch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm, timer, temp.set, time set, constant temp. painting, normal temp.painting.
Air purification system Dual filtering structure:
– The primary filter can capture granules larger than 10μm.
– The ceiling filter  can capture granules larger than 5μm.
– The total filtering rate 98%, the floor filter is fiberglass filter, TSP value: <1.4mg/m3.
cabinet Using square tube frame structure, single layer of galvanized plate;
Ducts  standard with 3pcs straight and one elbow, 700x700x910, Chimney: 3M height, with 0.8mm zinc plated steel