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Automax Tools is exhibiting at AAPEX/SEMA LAS VEGAS, Booth No. 7243
AMT exhibited at AUTO EXPO 2015 & 2016 AUTOMECHANIKA INDIA
AMT exhibited at the AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI 2013 -2017.
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  • 6000-E1



Outer dimension(mm) 7000mmX4000mm X3200mm( L*W*H)
Inner dimension(mm) 6900X3900mmX2650mm( L*W*H)
Voltage 220v 50hz
Cabinet location No
Main door 3 pcs of 3000x2250mm.  5 mm tempered glass window, 50mm EPS. Color :white
Service door 680x1800mm(W*H)2pcs, Special 2 mm thick aluminum alloy edge, Color: White
Wall 50mmEPS steel thickness 0.326mm, EPS density14KG,white color,left and right side with total 8pcs wall with glass window, size: 1580*580mm
Roof 50mm EPS board
Slope No
Lighting side lights 8 groups,(each group 2*16W) repair open from inside;Roof lights, 8 groups,(each group 2*16W)
Inlet 1.1KW*2, 15000m3/h;
Exhaust 0.75KW*2 .5600m3/h
Waterborn system With total  20pcs ball for air, for left and right
Heating system  With infrared lights
Control box Control box size : 500*700mm, steel thickness 1.5mm, DELIXI brand components, with motor control, lights control, urgent stop and so on.
Purification system With inlet filter and exhaust filter
Ducts 5M for exhaust