• Hydraulic cylinder located in the fixed platform and is thus
    perfectly protected.
  • High-resistance galvanized and pre-stretched lifting cable.
  • Adjustable parking ratchet rails ensure the platforms and cross
    members horizontal within 4 wheel alignment tolerances.
  • Automatic spring loaded eccentric brake system in the event of
    cable breakage and ensures complete stability during parking.
  • Self lubricated large diameter pulleys and maintenance-free bushes.
  • Auxiliary lift table built in the platforms for wheel free operation.
  • Auto-pneumatic rear slip plates locking device.
  • Front turn-table recesses and rear sliding plates for 4-wheel
    alignment operation.
  • Descend alarm signal. (CE)
  • Two step descending system gives full foot protection. (CE)
  • Hydraulic hand-pump for emergency ascend/descend. (CE)
  • De-synchronization detecting electronic photo-cell. (CE)
  • Lighting kits 4pcs. (OPTION)